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Who is Deepika's Boyfriends now ??

Bollywood new comer Deepika padukone and Ranbir Kapoor has been seen talking to each other at J marriot Club Lounge where both the stars sat side by side and enjoyed their stay. What more is earlier that day in the morning they were sunbathing at the same hotel's pool and later in the evening they left together.
Well the answer to my question is not always the same and it keeps on changing every month, I too like some changes but this sudden kind of changes, I never thought that any Bollywood actress would do this, nobody has done this in the past. When asked about their relationships, they both deny their affairs and always say that they are good friends.

Deepika seems to change her lover for every month, this sexy lady want a monthly change in her love life. All the love she had before were almost for a month. First she had Ranbir, then Cricket star Dhoni and very recently Yuvraj and now again Ranbir.

So she always is in the headlines whenever she dates a new lover.

Whenever the Om Shanti Om superstar Deepika dates someone; her professional career dips from a peak.First it was seen in the case on Ranbir Kapoor when the film Saawariya released, later Ranbir was replaced by Dhoni. When Dhoni left her, he was elected as the captain of Indian Cricket Team and he brought the Twenty20 World Cup to our Team followed by his superb performance till now. Later it was Yuvraj turn who presently trying hard to keep his place secure in the Indian Team, probably today ODI against AUSTRALIA might be his last one. Yuvraj never had to run for a position into the team since he made his debut in 2000-01. Well Deepika is killing everyone now I guess its the turn on Ranbir Kapoor, God know what will happens with Ranbir.

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